Introduction to the ZonePro Demo

If you have a high-speed internet connection, click on the link below to download the ZonePro SQL demo. The download may take a few minutes. This demo will give you an good idea of how the program works. You may want to print this page to retain the demo instructions.

ZonePro SQL Demo -

To install the demo:
- Download the zipped setup file to a temporary folder on your PC.
- Locate the downloaded file on your PC, right-click it and choose "Properties".
- If you see and "Unblock" option under Security click on it and then click "OK".
- Unzip the file and extract the EXE setup file to the same folder.
- Double click on the setup EXE file to run it.
- The demo will install all of its files into a folder called \ZPSQLDEMO.

You can now run the program by going to the Start button, choosing Programs, and clicking on the "ZonePro Demo" entry.

You will need a password and username to log onto the system. Use "zpdemo" for both.

When you first enter the demo click on the Access Permit Databases button to explore the central property database. Try looing up "MAIN" street. There are a smattering of fictious property records in the demo. You can use the Add button to add a few property records of your own. When we install ZonePro our customers usually opt to have us include all of their current property records as part of the package.

At the bottom of the Property Screen you will see a row of permit buttons above a row of numbers. The zoning permit buttons are Zoning, Violations, Amend, Non-Conform, and Appeals. These buttons take you to the screens that let you create zoning permits, violation letters, etc. The numbers below these buttons tell you how many records already exist in these screens for the currently viewed property record. You can change the displayed permit buttons by switching to the Building, Housing, or General view.

If you click on a permit button that has a number greater than zero, a screen will appear showing you the last permit created for this property. If you click on a permit button that has a zero, a new permit record will be created and you are ready to start typing. You can always create a new record by clicking on the Add button in the permit screen. To print a permit, click on the Docs button.

As you explore ZonePro you will notice that there are several drop-down boxes on the various screens that offer you choices. For example, the Property Screen has drop-down boxes that offer you choices for the Zoning classification and the Subdivision name. You have control over the items that appear in these lists. Click on the Close buttons until you are back at the Main Screen, then click on the Maintenance Options button. This is where you maintain the lists that are used throughout the rest of the program. Try going to the Subdivision screen, clicking on the Add button and typing in a subdivision name of your own liking. Now go back to the Property Screen, click on the Edit button and then click on the drop-down box for Subdivisions. You should see that your addition is now part of the list.

The ZonePro program is divided into several different modules so that you only have to purchase the pieces you need. The demo, however, includes almost all of the available modules so that you can explore and see what is possible.

If you get stumped as to what a field is for or what a button does, click on the yellow question mark button in the lower right-hand corner of each screen to access the Help files. Also, feel free to contatct us with any questions you may have. We'd love to hear from you!