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This page contains a collection of documents and programs that will help you get the most out of ZonePro. To download any of the files, place your cursor over the file name, click the right mouse button, and choose the "Save Link As" option. Most of these files are kept in a zipped or compressed mode. We recommend downloading these files to a temporary folder, unzipping them, and then copying the appropriate files into your ZonePro folder.


The following document files always contain multiple files per zip. Copy any files that have a "frx" or "frt" extension to the \REPORTS subfolder. Copy any files the have a "lbx" or "lbt" extension to the \LABELS subfolder. (ZPSQL)
This file contains updated copies of the Fee Details, Inspection Details, and Screen Print documents for each of the five building Document Screens. These updated versions fix a typo that prevented the Contractor name from printing correctly.(Posted 02/15/2012) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains an extra Building report that can be used to compile information for the monthly C-404 filing requirements [also known as the F.W. Dodge report]. This report runs from the Building Combination Reports Screen and requires that the data is sorted by Type of Permit. (Updated 02/16/2010)

Certificate of Plan (ZPSQL)
This file contains a custom building document based on the Certificate of Plan Approval template that the Ohio Building Commission issued. This version makes liberal use of the selective note printing technique to store info in the Notes field. (Posted 05/31/2013) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains the most recent version of the chart documents used by the Activity Report Screen, Cross Tabs Report Screen, and the Item Count Report Screen. (Updated 02/16/2010) (ZP32)
This file contains a report for the Building Combination Reports Screen that lists all of the contractors assigned to a permit. It was devised as a way to show all of the contractors that have ever worked at a given piece of property. (Posted 2/3/2009)

Contractor (ZPSQL)
This file contains a custom document for the Building Screen that demonstrates how you can access various Contractor information in building documents. (Posted 02/25/2011)

Contractor (ZPSQL)
This file contains a custom document for the Zoning Document Screen that demonstrates how you can include extra contractors in a document. (Posted 01/23/2012) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains documents that print a return address and the owners address onto a standard business-sized envelope. These custom documents cover numerous application screens including Appeals, Amendments, Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Project, Other Permits, Zoning and Violations. You can use the Document Editor to rename this file to print envelopes from any of the application document screens. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
This file contains a report that emulates a 5160-style label. It will print a 30 owner addresses to a page. This report is named such that it will run from the Violations Report Screen but you can easily rename this file to print labels from just about any of the report screens. (Updated 03/24/2011)

Fees Today (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
This file contains a report called "Today" which shows how report variables can be used to perform special calculations. This report subtotals fees collected on today's date independently of all other fees included in the report. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains three extra 5160 label documents for the Mailing Label Screen. The "NoRepeat" label prints owner addresses without repeating any duplicate owner names. You must sort by "Owner Name" to use this document. The "Account" label prints the owner's address and adds the Property ID number as an account number. This technique makes it easy to match up owner labels with property records even if the owner does not live at the property address. The "Resident" label prints the occupant's address and substitutes "Current Resident" if there is no occupant name available. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains a template for a merge letter that uses the Property database and can be run from the Mailing Label Screen. You can edit the body of the letter to include any text you like. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains a report template and a "readme.txt" file. Follow the instructions in the readme file to add a Mismatch report to the Mailing Label Screen. This report uses the Advanced Filter Option to create a list of properties where the property address does not match the owner's address. This is useful for tracking down rental property. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains four "Monthly" reports. All of these reports create subtotals based on the month. The "Monthly" reports for the Zoning and Building report screens subtotal monthy based on the permit date. You must sort by "Permit Date" to get the correct results. The "Monthly" report for the Fee Collection screen subtotals monthly based on the date paid. You must sort by "Date Paid" to get the correct results. The "Monthly" report for the Building Inspection Details screen subtotals on the last inspect date. All of these reports group results using the function MONTH(date field). You can apply this technique to new reports for any of the report screens. To use these reports you will obviously have to choose a date range that covers more than one month. It is also worth noting that these reports are excellent examples of reports that work well with the "Printer Summary" output option. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZPSQL)
This is a custom document that shows how you can reference at least seven different names on any document printed from an Application screen. This example will show up under the Custom list for the Zoning Documents Screen but these options will work for every application screen. (Updated 10/20/2016) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains a report for the Violations Report screen that subtotals how many violations occurred for each parcel number and then gives a final count of how many parcels were involved. This report demonstrates a technique of using variables to count the number of "groups" that print in any given report. This report is also a good example of one that works well using the "Printer Summary" Output option. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
This file is a report that was created by converting the standard Zoning permit document into a report. A customer wanted a way to print out a batch of older permits again without having to go to each individual property record. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
This file contains a custom document that prints from the Violations Document Screen and demonstrates how the "Include Photos" option can be used. (Posted 2/3/2009) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains a variation on the Contractor Renewal letter that comes standard with the Contractors Report Screen. This version is designed to print directly from the Contractor Document Screen so that you print a renewal letter for just one contractor at a time. (Updated 03/24/2011)

Rental (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
This file contains an extra Rental report that lists every unique landlord along with a building count and total units count. The report prints in a three column format. This report must be sorted by Owner. (Posted 11/21/2003) (ZP32) (ZP32)
This file contains two variations on the standard Violation letter. One prints from the Violation Reports Screen and will include multiple violations and the text in a single letter. To use it you must use the Property ID database filter to select a single property. Choose "Repair" as your report type, and then print. The second prints from the Multiple Document Screen off of the Property Screen. It will include multiple violations but not the associated text. Again you would choose "Repair" as your document type. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file is a self-extracting zip file that contains the Screen Print documents for all of the major ZonePro modules. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32)
This file contains the complete collection of Subsort reports that were introduced in the fall of 2005. There are 24 reports in all. One for almost every report screen. These reports automatically create subtotal based on the way the report is sorted. (Posted 01/12/2006)

Surcharge (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
This report is a bare bones template that can be used for balancing surcharge fees with fees collected. It is meant to provide insight for the issue that the total permit fee and the total fee used for the surcharge may not be the same if the permit had detail items that were not part of the surcharge calculation. It shows three fees: the total amoun collected, the amount used in the surcharge calculation, and the surcharge amount. This report runs from the Building Fee Details Report Screen and only prints fee details that have the Surcharge flag on, which means they were part of the surcharge calculation. It uses a report variable to total that fee for each permit. This report is designed so you can print it using the "Printer Summary" option to only show the totals. You must sort by "Permit Number" when running this report. (Posted 11/3/2011)

Street (ZP32) Street (ZPSQL)
This file contains a Street Count report for the Mailing Label screen. It will list each street you have in your Property database and a count for the number of records that reference that street. You can use the "Include Blank Street Numbers" option to decide whether the report also includes vacant parcels. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
This file contains a "Ticket" report that runs from the Violations Report Screen. This report mimics the style used by the "Building Ticket" report in the Inspection Reports Screen. It will print one page per Violation, or group several if they occur at the same property. This report is designed to be taken with the inspector into the field. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains a report that runs from the Building Inspection Details Report Screen called "Time Clock". It is used to show the interval between the time an inspection was requested (using the Time Stamp field) and the time it was performed (using the Last Inspect and Last Time fields). (Posted 03/24/2011) (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
This file contains two variations of a fee collection report that can run from the Building Report Screen. The "Transaction" report and "Deposit" report both use report variables to keep totals for fee amounts. A third report adds a new "Permit" report option to the Building Fee Details Report Screen. This report must be sorted by Permit Type. It provides a nice monthly report for subtotaling fee types by permit type. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32) (ZPSQL)
This file contains a Building Permit document that prints 3 copies of the permit on one legal-sized sheet. If you have paper prepared that is already perforated, this template makes it easy to print in triplicate. This document prints from the Custom Documents option but can be renamed to replace the standard Building Permit. It can also be renamed to use with any of the other building screens. (Updated 03/24/2011) (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
This file contains a Zoning Permit document that prints 3 copies of the permit on one legal-sized sheet. If you have paper prepared that is already perforated, this template makes it easy to print in triplicate. This document prints from the Custom Documents option but can be renamed to replace the standard Zoning Permit. (Updated 1/17/2002)   TOP


Maintenance.Zip (ZP32)
This is version 3.40 of the Maintenance application used by ZonePro 32. This download is for customers who use our automated upgrade system. We switched servers Nov. 2009. You'll need this new release to check version numbers using the Installed Modules Screen. To install, simply download, unzip, and copy Maintenance.App to your main ZonePro folder. (Updated 06/02/2010)

ZP Copy Program (ZP32)
ZP Copy is a stand-alone program that can be used to run scheduled tasks such as making copies of database files for use with other applications. When ZP Copy is launched it runs a script and then closes itself after a pre-defined number of seconds. The script can be set up to most anything. Two script examples are included in the download. One makes DBF copies of a couple of databases minus the memo fields. This script can be used to create copies of databases for use with GIS programs. The other example makes XML copies of databases. This can be used with web sites. You can use Windows built-in Task Scheduler to launch ZP Copy every night or once a week. The ZP Copy files should be placed in your main ZonePro folder. (Updated 07/20/2005 - Requires ZonePro 32 Base Module 4.00 or greater)

CHM Help Runtime Installer (ZP32)
This program is needed in order to use the CHM Help files with ZonePro 32. The download is called HELPSETUP.EXE. When it is executed it automatically installs and registers special runtime files needed to access CHM Help files from ZonePro. It must be installed on every PC that intends to used the CHM Help file. (Updated 2/1/2008)

Unknown Publisher Fix
This program was provided by a helpful customer. It is a registry patch that fixes the annoying "Unknown Publisher" error that occasionally displays when ZonePro is launched on PCs using Internet Explorer 7. The zip file contains a text file that explains how to run the patch. (Updated 11/17/2008)

Custom Button Labels (ZP32)
You can change the names of the application buttons that appear on the Property Screen. You do so by adding a text file to your installation folder that tells ZonePro what names to subtitute for the default names. Each application group (Zoning, Building, Housing, General) would have its own text file. You only need a file for the group you wish to change. The text file is a simple list of five applications names, using the percentage sign as a delimiter. This download includes a text file for each group and shows how the file should be formatted. Add one of the text files to your main ZonePro folder and change a label to see how it works. (Updated 2/3/2009)

Timbe Box and Application Button Scripts (ZPSQL)
This download contains special script files that can be edited in the User Defined Script Screen. Four of the scripts can be used to change the names of the buttons displayed in the Property Screen when you switch from one application group to another. There is a separate script for the Zoning, Building, Housing, and General application groups. The other script allows you to customize the list of times that are displayed by the Time Box tool which helps fill in time-dependent fields such as Next Inspection Time and Next Meeting Time. Copy the desired scripts to the main installation folder then go to the User Defined Script Screeen to edit the script to your liking. (Updated 9/24/2013)

VFPcompression Files (ZP32 & ZPSQL)
We have had a couple of customers who have had trouble with the compression tool we are using for unzipping downloaded upgrades or zipping files for ZP Backup. If you receive a "vfpcompression.fll invalid" error, you may benefit from installing the attached support files. Download this file and unzip the contents to the main ZonePro folder. (Updated 6/29/2010)    TOP


The files below are back issues of our customer support newsletter. The files are PDF files so you can view them from the web. For more recent updates please see the blogs: ZP 32 Journal and ZP SQL Project.

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