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ZonePro makes life easier for building
and zoning departments. It is simple to use
and inexpensive to own.

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ZonePro is a tightly integrated software system that fully automates the daily activities of zoning, building and housing departments. With ZonePro you can print permits, schedule inspections, issue citations and track revenues. The property history of your entire community is never more than a few mouse clicks away.

ZonePro is extremely easy to use. If you can use a mouse, you can use ZonePro. It's that simple. In ZonePro you can issue a new permit without having to type a single keystroke because the program is designed to minimize typing and maximize productivity. For example, because the owner's name and address is already in the system, there is no need to type it into a permit screen. The relevant information is automatically carried over from screen to screen with a click of the mouse. We guarantee ZonePro is the easiest permitting program you have ever tried.

Just because it's easy to use, however, doesn't mean we sacrificed power and flexibility. ZonePro has more than 150 standard documents including permits, receipts, letters, licenses, labels and reports. We also give you the tools you need to customize any of these documents and to add as many new documents to the system as you see fit.

Our report screens are a model of simplicity balanced with functionality. Every permit database has its own report screen and you can use the default settings to print a report of every permit issued in that database in the last month. When you are ready for more, you can change the date range to view daily, weekly, or annual results. You can change the date field criteria to switch from the permit date to the inspection date or to the date the filing fee was paid. You can change the way the output is sorted. You can use database filters to selectively pull only those permits of a certain type or from a specific subdivision. You also have the option to add your own creations to the list of available reports.

ZonePro also plays well with others. There are several ways to link ZonePro with internet sites, GIS programs, and other types of applications. ZonePro also provides numerous data exporting options so that ZonePro data can be shared with others.

Even though ZonePro provides seamless integration between zoning, building and housing screens, a modular design gives you the flexibility to decide which configuration best suits your needs and your budget. Every system must include the base module, but beyond that you decide which of the optional modules you wish to install.

BASE MODULE: The heart of the base module is the Property database. As part of the typical installation process we add address and ownership information for every parcel in your community. We merge this data into our Property database so that you can instantly locate any desired property by street address, owner name or parcel number. You can easily modify the existing property information and add new properties as needed. From the Property Screen you have access to all of the zoning, building and housing databases and can instantly view the complete permitting history of each parcel. This module also includes a Mailing Label Screen which lets you print labels and reports using the information in your Property database. For example, you could print labels for every address on a specified street. The base module includes four system-wide report options. The Fee Collection Report pulls revenue information from every database that tracks a fee. The Inspection Report Screen prints reports for every database that tracts inspection dates. The Activity Report Screen gives you a snapshot of every database record created during any given date range. The Item Count Report Screen gives you statistics on the most frequently issued permit types, among other options.

ZONING MODULE: This module adds the Zoning permit database and the Violations code enforcement database to ZonePro. In the Zoning Database you can define an unlimited number of permit types for which you can print zoning permits, track filing fees, and schedule inspections. The Violations Database lets you track violations, nuisances, and property maintenance complaints. This database comes standard with several letters that automatically include the violation text you specify. This database also supports inspection scheduling.

APPEALS MODULE: This module adds three more databases to ZonePro. The Appeals Database allows you to track appeals and variances. The Amendment Database allows you to track rezoning cases. The Non-conform Database lets you track non-conforming properties. All three databases record fees and provide standard permits that you can print.

MISCELLANEOUS MODULE: This module adds four databases to ZonePro. The Miscellaneous Fee Database tracks revenue that is not related to permits such as zoning maps and code book sales. The Other Permits Database is an extra database for tracking items that do not fall into any of the regular categories. Garage sale permits and political signs are good examples. A second generic permit database is available called the Extra Permit Database. This moudle also includes a Planning database for tracking the activity of the planning commission.

BUILDING MODULE: The building module adds five databases to ZonePro for tracking building permits. The five databases are: Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and Project. For each of the five databases you can define an unlimited number of permit types with an unlimited number of inspection details and fee details. The fee structure supports flat fees, formulas, fee tables and surcharges. Each of the building databases includes standard permit documents, inspection scheduling fields, and fee tracking. In addition to the report screens for each database there is a combination screen that can pull data from all five building databases at once.

CONTRACTOR MODULE: This module adds a database for tracking the contractors that work in your community. If you have a contractor licensing policy you can print the licenses, track the fees, and create bulk renewal notices with this module. A Contractor Link function can automatically link a contractor to a permit in the Zoning Database, Other Permits Database, Extra Permits Database, or any of the five building databases. E-mail options are built into the Contractor Screen that make it easy to update contractors on the status of relevant inspections. A special screen and reporting option for this module shows the value of all contractor activity recorded in ZonePro.

HOUSING MODULE: This module includes three databases. The Housing Database is for property maintenance inspections. It allows you to compile a list of violated codes and generate a letter explaining the problems. The Presale Database tracks inspections and fees for communities that require a home inspection prior to a sale. The Rental Database is for tracking rental property.

PHOTO MODULE: This module adds an Image Database that allows you to link digital photos and scanned images to specific property records. Images can be viewed and printed directly from the Property Screen. Images can also be linked to violation records and viewed directly from the Violations Screen. In addition to photos and images, you can link other types of files as well, such as MS Word files. ZonePro can automatically launch the Windows program associated with these linked file types. JPG and PDF files can also be stored on the web.

FIRE MODULE: This module includes a Fire Inspection Database and a Fire Permit Database. It is designed to keep track of the inspection cycles needed for fire inspections of commercial properties and the permits that these sites need.

COMPARE MODULE: This module is unique in that it involves custom programming. It is designed to import a fresh property data set and compare it with the data in your ZonePro Property Database. This module simplifies the process of keeping up with lot splits and ownership transfers.